Simply Tony - Tony Tale CD


CD Background - This was a 10 month project that was recorded, mixed and mastered by Nick Pages of Crystal Blue Sound Studios. Fil Pate produced the CD and played most lead instruments. Special guests on the CD are Jeff Jones, Tug Winthrop and Brian Lane. The CD has 14 songs - Ten written by Simply Tony (Tony Caruso) - One co-written by Fil Pate and Tony Caruso - Two Traditional tunes and One Grateful Dead Cover (Loser - Hunter & Garcia)

"This CD is not just about me. It is a tribute to all the excellent musicians that I have been so fortunate to meet and play with and all the family and friends that have supported me".

"My wife has been my biggest fan and she encouraged me to make this CD"

"For me, the CD represents the Power of Faith and Intention - You don't need to be the best to succeed; you just need to have a dream and the passion and the improbable can happen".